31 August 2020 · Service Advice & Tips

How Often Should You Service Your Car

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Having a car is great – you have the freedom to get to places on your own schedule! The part about car ownership that most people don’t love as much is having to get your car serviced. That’s why so many people put off servicing their car as long as possible. We’re here to tell you not to do that! A regular car service ensures your car’s key functionality is in shape, helping you avoid problems down the road – literally. So, how often should you service your car?

As a rule of thumb, you should service your car professionally either every six months or 10,000km (whichever comes first) or the recommended service intervals, so check what the manufacturer’s recommendations are for your car in the owner’s manual.

6 months or specified time interval

Over time oil and oil filters build up with road dirt and become thicker which will lead to issues with engine performance. Additionally, if you don’t check your tyre pressure monthly, the tyre thread can become bald on the edges, leading to shortened longevity of your tyres and earlier requirement to replace your tyres. Another reason to have your vehicle serviced regularly, is if your travel route consists of potholes that council have not yet gotten around to, your wheel alignment can become affected from the regular displacement.  

10,000km or specified KM interval

The number of KMs you do will affect the oil, oil filter, tyre pressure and wheel alignment among other things. If you are doing high kms, you will require earlier intervals to ensure there is enough oil and coolant to maintain the performance of your engine. Other parts and lubricants will also need to be checked to ensure they are working to their full capacity and are not nearing the end of their lifespan and need replacing.

Be mindful of your car’s age and condition, too. The point is, don’t wait until you start hearing funny noises, or until the engine fails and you’re left on the side of the road!

What does a full service include on a car?

What does a full service include on a car?

No one set service applies to all cars. A full car service can include 50+ components and checks, including but not limited to the following:

• Changing the engine oil and checking the filters
• Lights, tyres, exhaust and brakes check
• Steering system and steering alignment check
• Tuning the engine to run in its peak condition
• Hydraulic fluid and coolant levels flush and check
• Cooling system check
• Suspension checks
• Testing the battery’s condition
• Repairing or replacing spark plugs

Why regular services are important?

Forgetting to get your car serviced can be a costly mistake. A healthy car is more affordable to run, and regular servicing can also save you money in the long run, as you might be able to avoid more extensive repairs. It also helps retain the resale value of your car. And, of course, it ensures your car is safe to travel in for you and your loved ones.

If it’s been a while since you last had your car serviced, the first step is to schedule it in for a service. Booking the servicing in advance ensures that you actually get your car looked at on the day that you planned. Your car is undoubtedly valuable to you, so make sure you choose a reputable, professional mechanic.

When you get your vehicle serviced at Tamworth City Toyota, you get so much more than just a regular servicing. From repairs to products, Pink and Blue Slips, parts and more, we’re your one-stop-shop for servicing your car.

Do we service other makes/models?

Short answer: YES!

While we are a Toyota dealership and specialise in Toyota vehicle maintenance, we can and do service all makes and models! 

So don't hesistate to book with us if you drive another make and model!