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Vehicle Protection Packages at Tamworth City Toyota

Tamworth City Toyota Vehicle Protection Packages

The Tamworth City Toyota Vehicle Protection Package is designed to protect your new vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces, ensuring the new car look and feel, lasts longer.

So, what is the Tamworth City Toyota Vehicle Protection Package?

Prior to collecting the keys and your brand-new vehicle, we apply the ultimate, durable protective coating to the exterior paint surfaces to maintain the new gloss look. We then apply a protective coating to your vehicle’s interior fabric, carpet, leather and vinyl to keep all upholstery looking and feeling new for life. The purpose of the exterior and interior protective coatings is to prevent damages to your vehicle from accidental spillages such as coffee, foods or sunscreen lotions, as well as protect the paint from the harsh environmental elements, bird or bat droppings and bug splatter.

We also use our ultimate corrosion control package to maximise your vehicles resistance against corrosion to the underbody of your vehicle and the painted panels.

To protect everyone in the cabin from the sun we apply a Window Tint Film to provide sun protection of an SPF value of 50+ and reduce glare and heat by over 50%, which is especially important when living in some of the hottest areas of New South Wales!

Toyota is known for high quality standards and our Vehicle Protection Package at Tamworth City Toyota uses superior products that we know will uphold those standards. That’s why we back these systems with exclusive Australia wide warranties and do all the work in-house at our pre-delivery department.


So here is how the Tamworth City Toyota Vehicle Protection Package works:

Fusion quartz program

Fusion quartz is a complete interior and exterior treatment for your vehicle as it is a silonite titanium-based substance it is 10 times harder than the clear coat paint that is on your vehicle. Once the treatment is hand applied it fuses with the paintwork and therefore will cover you for bat and bird droppings, tree sap, berry and fruit stains, sunscreen stains, oxidisations, fading and loss of gloss. We also apply the treatment to all your vinyl, carpets, fabrics and your leather including the boot. This is going to cover you for things such as food or coffee stains, grease and oil stains, and perspiration.

Window tint

Talk to our Customer Care Consultant about what Nextek window film will best suit you and your vehicle’s needs. They offer a great range of window film with an SPF value of 50+.

Nextek window films are designed to:

  • Maximise visibility
  • Reduce glare
  • Protect your eyes and skin from UV damage
  • Keep the cabin cooler
  • Protect you vehicles interior surfaces from UV damage

Package benefits

When protecting your new vehicle with the Vehicle Protection Package you will receive a range of great benefits, including: 

  • Lifetime warranty Australia wide
  • No ongoing costs
  • No-re-applications
  • No annual inspections on Fusion & Tint
  • Reduce time spent maintaining appearance of car
  • Ensure value of vehicle is held when eventually traded
  • Tax deduction are most likely for business customers

Contact us

To find out more about protecting your new vehicle, visit us at Tamworth City Toyota or give us a call on (02) 6766 5008.

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